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Recognizing safety performance can be all too easy to forget – after all, the biggest safety achievement is if nothing happens at all. That’s why putting a safety rewards system in place is absolutely crucial to maintaining accountability. Here, you’ll learn some tips for making sure your employees stay safe.
Safety Signs
Workplaces can be full of dangers, both the ones we know about and ones that might be well-hidden. Group reward systems encourage teamwork – and give employees even more reason to look out for each other.
Safety Labels
Safety rewards programs help employers keep track of on-the-job injuries – at the same time, they encourage worker responsibility by giving them even more reason to follow established procedures.
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The dangerous situations aren’t the unfamiliar ones – they’re the ones we face so often that we begin to take our safety for granted: carrying heavy items up stairs, walking on slippery surfaces, or working around heavy equipment. Rewards give employees another reason to keep their eye on the prize.n

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Maintaining safety in the workplace is more vital than ever before: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 4,960 workers died from injuries suffered at work in 2010 – that's one worker killed every two hours. While the number of occupational injuries is steadily decreasing, generating a reward system for maintaining safety in the workplace is a great incentive to further reduce hazards.

Business Insider reports that the most common workplace injuries correlate to the level of danger in the occupation. Workers such as fishermen, aviation engineers, and truck drivers are particularly at high risk considering the dangers involved. Nonetheless, accidents can occur regardless of danger level; it is therefore crucial to err on the side of safety and exercise proper workplace safety practices.

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