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Recognizing safety performance can be all too easy to forget – after all, the biggest safety achievement is if nothing happens at all. That’s why putting a safety rewards system in place is absolutely crucial to maintaining accountability. Here, you’ll learn some tips for making sure your employees stay safe.
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Implementing a safety rewards program

The most difficult task for any effective safety reward programs is proper implementation. However, has developed a winning, four-step implementation strategy.

1. Make sure the rewards program is fully functional
  • Keep in mind, however, that the rewards program is but a small part of the process; the rewards program is not a replacement for proper safety regulations—it merely compliments a preexisting safety program.
2. Measure the existing safety conditions in the workplace
  • If the accident rate is high, the existing safety program must be properly tailored before an incentive program can be implemented. Adding a reward system to an ineffectual safety program yields only negative consequences, such as failing to disclose accidents in an attempt to gain compensation.
3. Increase worker participation
  • Employers should legitimize the rewards program in employees’ eyes. For instance, it is imperative that employers ensure the program’s integrity by making it unbiased: every employee should imitation watches have an equal chance. Additionally, increasing the odds of winning amplifies the incentive. Moreover, the incentive, while not necessarily monetary, must be of some value to workers if participation is to be encouraged. Lastly, assigning active roles to employees reduces passive participation and is a great way to increase leadership.
4. Identify the program’s intended goal: enhanced safety
  • While incentives are great, replica watches they are only a means to an end, the end being a safer workplace. Continually stressing the end goal (safety) will help focus employees’ attention on what matters most, and not just on the incentive (reward).
Safety Reward Programs

With rewards like these pins, it's not about value, it's about pride and camaraderie.

Following these guidelines is a sure way to a successfully implemented safety rewards program in any work zone, from an office building to a construction site. Not only does this program build company cohesion, but it also keeps workplace injuries to a minimum.

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