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Recognizing safety performance can be all too easy to forget – after all, the biggest safety achievement is if nothing happens at all. That’s why putting a safety rewards system in place is absolutely crucial to maintaining accountability. Here, you’ll learn some tips for making sure your employees stay safe.
workplace safety signs

Motivational safety signs

Motivational safety signs help create a culture of workplace safety. Many businesses promote safety by keep a safety scoreboard to remind employees how many days the workplace was injury-free. Help incentivize employees by setting a goal of injury-free days and hosting a celebration when it is achieved. This promotes safety and company unity by building motivation for employees and employers alike. A significant span of time without injuries can also bode well for a company's reputation: P2S, a contractor for the BP Gulf Coast Recovery Project, earned an impressive reputation after celebrating 1,000,000 safe work hours in 2010.

Motivational Safety Signs

Signs like this one remind workers that safety is everyone's responsibility – no one wants to be responsible for the sign ticking back to zero!

It's important to note that a culture of safety should be stressed from the get-go: employers should emphasize the importance of workplace safety during the employee’s first interview. This sends a clear message to the potential employee know that the business is serious about safety.

Proper signage such as "Be alert – don't get hurt" are courteous reminders for employees to think about workplace safety. While motivational signs are only replica watches one step an industry should take when considering the formulation of a safety program, they have been proven to reduce office accidents by as much as 20%.

Motivating employees to maintain a serious attitude about safety in the workplace is the first step in reducing unnecessary accidents. Keeping track of the number of injury-free days/hours is one of the best ways to incentivize workplace safety and reduce unwanted injuries, fatalities, and lawsuits.

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