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Recognizing safety performance can be all too easy to forget – after all, the biggest safety achievement is if nothing happens at all. That’s why putting a safety rewards system in place is absolutely crucial to maintaining accountability. Here, you’ll learn some tips for making sure your employees stay safe.
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Safety rewards: appropriate prizes

Reward programs based on productivity might result in cutting corners. However, a rewards program based on incentives have achieved great success. Even at a young age, decisions are heavily influenced by incentives. For instance, the Port Jefferson Code Enforcement agreed to hand out rewards to children wearing helmets while riding their bikes or skateboards; tickets good for a free ice cream cone at a local ice cream shop. Needless to say, proper helmet use increased significantly.

Safety Incentive Program

Ultimately, safety and kinship with coworkers are their own reward.

The Michigan Municipal Workers' Compensation Fund put out a Safety and Health Resource Manual to highlight various safety incentive programs with advice on how to implement them. Common implementation techniques included establishing a specific objective, stating explicit rules and time limits, finding ways to increase employee participation, and ensuring the integrity of the awards system.

Appropriate prizes can depend on the workplace, says The rewards must be valuable to the workers, not to management. While money is perhaps the strongest incentive, there are other alternatives, including gift certificates and paid time off. Regardless of the type of prize, it is absolutely essential to make sure the awards program is fair and every employee has an equal chance of winning.

Incentive programs to increase workplace safety can still be implemented during a recession or company road-bump: rather than use monetary rewards, find a non-financial monetary incentive says This sends an important signal to employers and employees that safety, even in difficult times, is never sacrificed.

In addition to creating incentives, it is important to change the culture surrounding safety: the emphasis should not just be on the individual’s safety, but rather, replica watches take into account the worker's family and other close personal relationships. This reinforces an atmosphere of responsibility and concern for the well-being of others as opposed to just oneself.

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